Friday, November 19, 2010

Two looks for Poetry and an Update on Brushes

I went to a poetry slam last night (it was great fun!) and I went to a poetry workshop this morning. So I felt the need to do some creative and dramatic looks.

I also just wanted to do an update on the both the Bare Escentuals mini brush set and the Eco Tools eye set.

I really like the BE mini brush set. You can easy use the flawless face brush for foundation, mineral veil and blush. Since it is synthetic it holds its shape well and allows you to get under your eyes and around your nose easily. If you are used to using a flathead face brush you might find it a little awkward to blend your foundation. The blush brush is good for radiance or highlighting. It is on the small side so I don't really like it for blush. The eye shadow brush works well especially for applying an overall base colour. It is a bit big for detailed crease work but if you just want to to a quick look I think it would do. The liner brush is nice. I think it is great for dry lining and smudging out liner pencil. I used it wet and had to struggle a little to get a precise line so I think I would bring my regular liner brush if I were traveling with this set.

I am also really liking the Eco tools set. The brushes are both fluffy and firm. The crease brush is very nice. It is a good shape and feels like nothing on your eye. However, it does seem do deposit a darker layer of colour than my natural hair crease brushes (but if you are doing a smoky eye that is not a bad thing). The angled eye shadow brush is great. You can get a light layer of shadow and since it is angled you can easily use it for blending out the crease. I also used it to apply the Buxom stay there shadows and it worked okay for that--I had to use multiple coats to get the colour right but it turned out well (I used this brush in my second look). The eye shadow brush is really nice for applying colour under the brow. The little tiny eye shadow brush is great for working in the inner and outer corner. I have been looking for a brush like this for a long time. It is fluffly enough that you can get a nice layer of colour and small enough that you can make the eye shadow go where you want it to. The liner/smudge brush is good for smudging out liner I haven't really used it for anything else yet. This brush set has some very nice brushes and since it is only $7.99 you might give it a try.

PTFE, wr/cr,
Bikini under brow and on inner corner,
Finesse lash to crease,
Grape in crease and lash to crease on outer 1/2,
Deep Amythest in outer corner and in crease,
B&B liner in Intense Black,
Flawless Definition mascara with Buxom mascara over it.

CHEEKS: Pink Ribbon blush
LIPS: Tarte reuse lip balm with SB smile brightening lip gloss over it.

PTFE, wr/cr,
Opal under brow,
Buxom ST Shih Tzu lash to crease,
Smoky Amber in crease,
Scantuary in outer 1/3ish,
Tiger's eye wet lined on top,
Tarte mascara.

CHEEKS: Optimist blush
LIPS: Jelly roll gloss

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