Thursday, March 31, 2011

Date Night

One of the challenges this week on Majyk was to do a date night look. I like a semi-smoky eye for going out to dinner so that's what I did.

I think my theory about buxom mascara is true. I think it does get better with time. When I opened this tube of buxom mascara I thought it was thinner than the previous tube and I was a little disappointed. So I had only worn it maybe 5-6 times since I opened it. Well today when I used it it was more the consistancy of my previous tube and it is great. So if you didn't love the buxom mascara the first time you used it, set it aside and use it once in a while and in a few months it will be perfectly aged like a fine wine.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Buxom Stay There Chihuahua lash to brow and then more heavily lash to crease,
Alive in T,
Eclipse in outer corner and V and gently smudged along upper lash line on the outer 3/4,
Big and Bright Intense black lined top and bottom,
Buxom Mascara.

CHEEKS: Miracle blush
LIPS: Tarte Charmed

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Favorite New Bare Escentuals Blushes

I know I have said this a million times in the last few months but Bare Escentuals has released a bunch of really awesome blushes lately. To make my case I thought I would try to list all my new favorites. I have always liked BE blushes but I hadn’t really found that many that I wanted to use often (and I have a ton of BE blushes). So it has been nice to get a bunch that I can’t get enough of. So here they are in no particular order.

1. Pink Tourmaline—technically this is not brand new it was from the Jewel kit from Ulta two Christmases ago, but I love it and haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it.

2. Optimist—this was the first one that I was really impressed with. It is not quite peach or pink and it looks really good on. I think it actually makes my face look thinner if that’s possible.

3. Irresistible—this came out first in one of the Grand collections on QVC that I didn’t get, I got it in a more recent kit. I use this blush all the time now. It is the perfect light pink.

4. Pink Petal—this is also a blush that first came out in a grand collection that I didn’t get. I got it in the Shimmer and shine kit from Sephora. So pretty!

5. Boost—This is another pink-y peach that is similar to NARS orgasm but less sparkly and I like it better. I think orgasm might be a bit pinker too.

6. TTYL—I love this blush because it is neutral. You can wear it with anything and it looks good. This was the blush from the Girlfriend collection.

7. Miracle—this blush makes you look fresh and alive. I think it is the spring version of Compassion blush. It is brighter but still gives you that pretty doll face effect that I like.

8. Chuckle—another great pink. This is from the Face Fashion pure happiness kit.

9. Avant-Garden is another great pink that goes with just about anything.

Here are some swatches of all the blushes:

Some older blushes that I really like:

Purplish Pinks: Compassion, Heaven, Posh

Neutral: Sorbet, Desert Rose

Pink: Giddy Pink, Bliss, Azalea, Rose Radiance

Peach: Vintage Peach, Morning

What are some of your favorites?

Morocco and Sex Kitten

I think my browns are the most neglected of all the shades I own. When I first started using BE I wore a lot of yellow and gold so I have quite a few browns to pair with those, but I tend to feel a little plain when I wear brown. I think this look is a more colourful way to do neutrals and so it's a bit more my style. The buxom shadow looks a little more sparkly in some of the pictures than it does in real life.

I also re-discovered RSVP blush when I was sorting through my blushes. Although I haven't worn it much as a blush I think it adds just the right amount of colour and glow as a bronzer, so I've been using it that way fairly often lately.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Buxom Stay There Poodle lash to brow,
Morocco in crease and lightly lash to crease on outer 1/2ish,
Sex Kitten in V and outer corner,
Big and Bright Black Gold lined top and bottom,
Flawless definition Volumizing mascara.

CHEEKS: Vintage Peach with RSVP as bronzer.
LIPS: Milan Buxom lipstick with French Pastry lipstick over it in the center top and bottom.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It's been a while since I've used voodoo and I forgot how dark it is. In doing this look I have to say that I love the Big and Bright liner in Midnight. Next to the intense black B&B I think Midnight might be my favorite. I love the way the B&B liners make my eyes look I think they do make your eyes look whiter and my mascara looks darker or something. I am really warming up to them. I still can't draw a  thin strait line with them and I often need to use a brush to get all the way to my lash line but I think the effect is worth it.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Eye Bright under brow and inner corner,
Voodoo lash to crease,
Buxom Stay There in Pug lash into and above crease on outer 1/2ish,
Neptune lash to crease over Voodoo and pug on inner 2/3ish,
Big and Bright liner in Midnight top and bottom,
Flawless definition mascara.

CHEEKS: Compassion blush
LIPS: Brooklyn Buxom lipstick with Smashbox Smile brightening gloss over it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

High Shine Vapor and Pond

I haven't used Pond in ages. I think this week I am going to try to use my Buxom stay there shadows and colours I haven't used in a long time. Hopefully it will produce some good combinations.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Happy under brow,
Pond lash to crease,
High Shine Vapor lash into crease on outer 1/3ish,
Onyx wet lined on top, HS Vapor dry lined on bottom,
Buxom Mascara

LIPS: Sydney Buxom with Energy Drink gloss over it.

Matte Pink

Just a quick simple look.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Chenille lash to brow,
Marichino lash into crease on outer 3/4,
Rock Star in outer corner to darken and wet lined on top,
Tarte mascara.

CHEEKS: Pink Petal
LIPS: Bombay Buxom lipstick

Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing with Blue and Green

I thought I would use blues and greens today. I used two of each but I think this look ends up looking more blue than green. Refresh goes on almost white, and foiled it just looks light and bright.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Refresh dry under brow,
Refresh foiled lash to crease,
Azure in crease and center of lid (in T),
Peacock in V and outer 1/3ish,
Lagoon lightly in v to darken,
Lagoon dry lined on top, peacock dry lined on bottom,
Tarte mascara.

CHEEKS: Avant-Garden blush
LIPS: Bavarian Creme lipstick

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two looks: Neutrals and Purple

I'm wearing the purple look today. I thought Gossip's silver sparkle might show up when I foiled it but it really didn't.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Hot shot under brow,
Diva foiled lash to crease,
Soul Sister in crease,
Gossip foiled lash to crease on outer 1/2ish,
Fyrianne Fyre and Ice wet lined on top,
Falsies Black Drama mascara.

CHEEKS: Miracle blush
LIPS: Vienna Buxom with Tarte Charmed over it.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Sydney under brow,
High Shine Sand Dune foiled lash to crease,
Amazing Amanda in crease,
Restore in V and outer corner,
Big and Bright in Charbronze top and bottom,
Tarte mascara
CHEEKS: Boost blush
LIPS: Pretty Amazing in Rouge