Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010 Runway Makeup with Bare Escentuals

I was reading Allure Magazine last night while at the gym and saw these pretty looks. I decided that I would copy the Oscar de la renta look because it is dramatic but wearable.

It took me about 40 min to do just my eyes. This look was not difficult to do it just requires blending layer of colour. Since this look has a broad triangle that is winged out it is a good idea to make the shape of the triangle with Captivate so you have a guide for the darker colours.


PTFE, wr/cr,
Luminous Topaz under brow,
Captivate all the way into the crease and
blended up and out,
Aztec Gold lash to crease,
Happiness starting at the lash line and
blended up and out in a triangle and a little way into the crease,
Fame from lash line belnded up and out but
lower than happiness and part way across the
Bark blended up from the lash line to darken,
Fame along the outer half of the lower lash
line with Radiant Rebecca on the inner 1/2 of
the lower lash line,
Starlight to brighten the inner corner,
B&B in Intense Black along upper lash line,
Flawless definition mascara with Buxom
mascara over it.

CHEEKS: Optimist blush
LIPS: Angel Food Cake gloss 

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