Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Even More Buxom Eye Shadows: Bull Dog, Black Lab and Poodle

I don't have any swatches right now but maybe I'll get them done this weekend and update this post.

As you  can tell I really like the Buxom Stay There shadows. UPDATE: Black lab is more sheer than I thought it would be. You really have to get a lot of product on your brush if you want to use it as a liner. But it also makes a great sheer black base for a smoky eye. I also felt like I had to really pack on Bull dog to get the right saturation of colour. I have never had a problem with Buxom eye shadows creasing before but all three of these creased a bit even though I used primer under them. Maybe it was because I used only the buxom shadows without some minerals mixed in, but I have heard other people complain of creasing so maybe it is the batch or the colours, I don't know. I'll let you know if anything changes.

The first look is a party look but I think it would be fine for daytime too. The second look is all I could manage this morning. I had to get up early to grade papers and I haven't been sleeping well--it shows. My students asked me if I'd been up all night grading their papers.


PTFE, wr/cr
Tiara under brow,
Buxom Stay There (BST)Black lab lash blended into crease outer 1/2ish,
BST Chihuahua lash to crease inner 1/2.
BST Bull dog lash to crease in middle of lid,
Lash fusion (or something like that) mascara.

LIPS: Lip Fusion Crave lip gloss


Benefit Stay Put, wr/cr,
Buxom Stay There in Poodle lash to brow,
Lagoon wet lined on top,
Tarte mascara.

CHEEKS: Flourish blush
LIPS: Tarte reuse lip balm


  1. i see your posts all the time over at BE addicts on delphi and followed to your blog from there. i have to say, you're absolutely gorgeous and i love your techniques and creativity! plus, you've inspired me to grab a few of the buxom pups this coming weekend. =)

  2. Thank you so much!
    I hope you love the pups as much as I do.

  3. I love the black lab but I can't find it anywhere even online do you know if they stopped making it? :(

  4. Hi megbub23 as far as I know only Sephora carries the Buxom stuff and since it is not even listed on the site anymore I would guess they have, but I'm not sure.