Wednesday, November 3, 2010

50% off Rare Minerals today at Sephora

I was just poking around Sephora and noticed that all the Rare Mineral line is marked down 30%. Today is the last day of the Friends and Family sale. So if you buy the Rare Minerals today you will get 50% off, which is a great deal!!

I think the Rare Minerals line is on sale because they are changing the names of the products and the packaging. They have pre-viewed the new packaging at QVC. While I like the new packaging, especially the brush in the lid idea for Rare Minerals, I am worried that people are going to be very confused by the change. As far as I know they are just changing the packaging and the names of the products but not the formulas. I'll update this if I learn anything new. 

Also the Lauren Luke palettes are on sale for $16.50.

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