Saturday, September 25, 2010

High Shine Patina Pictures and Video

Here is my first attempt at using the new high shine shadows. They are all really pretty.

TFSI, wr/cr,
Gold leaf lash to brow,
High Shine Patina lash into crease on outer 2/3ish,
Smoky Quartz wet lined on top,
Buxom Mascara.

CHEEKS: Balance Blush
LIPS: Tarte Paradise gloss

Here is the video for this look:

Bare Escentuals New High Shine Eye Shadows

Bare Escentuals had preview day a week or so ago and we got a sneek peek at the new stuff coming out in October. I bought 5 of the 6 new high shine colours (Frost, Glisten, Patina, Moonshine and Electric). I also got startlight eye shadow which is sort of new and the new BE Cares eye shadow called Enlightened. I will do at least one look with each shadow and try to post them on the blog this coming week. But for now I did a video review and a video using Patina (the green shade).

I have only played with the new shadows a little but so far I really like them. The new high shine colours come in tubes rather than jars. The tube has a spring loaded sponge applicator. The sponge is on the large side so it might be too big to use if you have small eyes, but I wouldn't recommend using the applicator alone to apply the shadows anyway so I'm not sure it's a big deal. The HS shadows cling to the sponge and as a result there is a lot of product on the applicator when you pull it out--even if you swirl it and scrape it as you pull it out. The minerals clig to the sponge well enough that you could tap a little into the lid of an old eye shadow, blush or foundation and then stand the applicator up until you need more. A little bit of product goes a very long way. One swipe from the sponge is enough to do your whole eye.You will get a little fallout if you apply it with the sponge, but you can easily wipe it away with a microfiber cloth.

Overall I really like the colours and the product itself. The packaging will be great for traveling even if you do still need a brush. I really like the effect of the HS colours, they can be bold or subtle. 

The most neutral shade of the colours I got was Glisten. All the shadows have a darker base with the high shine sparkle on top (or that's the way they look to me). I had no trouble using them over other shadows or blending them with other shadows. If you have a liner shadow or colour you think is too dark for you, you might want to try it over the a high shine colour. I put a black shadow over frost and you could still see the frost peeking through and the black did not look heavy at all.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blue Green and Yellow

Last week Sally on Bare Escentuals Addicts started a bunch of threads about favorite colours. Reading through the threads reminded me of some of my favorites that I've been neglecting. I went to a poetry/art thing last night and thought it would be the perfect time to do a nice bold look with some of my faves.


TFSI, wr/cr,
Lemon Zinger lash to brow,
Ell-if-I-know outer corner into crease in v shape,
Key lime lash to crease in middle of lid and crease,
Hallucinate wet lined top and half of bottom,
Tarte lights camera lashes mascara.

LIPS: 7 layer cake

Tarte September TSV 2010

Overall I really like the Tarte TSV.
The eye shadows are very smooth and they lasted pretty well--I did feel like they faded a bit by the end of the day but it wasn't a dramatic difference.

The brow mousse is nice but I wish I had been able to get the darkest shade. Medium brown looks normal on me from a distance but up close with the flash it looks a little orange or too light. But I think that is mainly because of the flash.

The lipgloss is a nice light gloss not too sticky. It is pretty well pigmented and lasted as long as most good glosses do.

The cheek stain is kind of weird. It has a jelly quality but is solid. It is easy to work into your skin but it is tacky and I just couldn't get use to it. I would toch my face and feel it there, I didn't like that. But it looked good and stayed on all day.

The Lights Camera Lashes 4-in-1 length volume curl mascara is my new favorite mascara. The pros--It does lengthen, curl and add volume, it is really easy to remove, the brush really grips your lashes and is a really good size. Cons--I wish it was blacker, it is really easy to remove--so it is not great if you are planning to cry or your eyes water.

The brushes are just oaky, nothing special.
The overall look of the kit is very nice. I'm sure anyone could wear it. I love the bamboo case that the eye shadows come in.

TFSI, wr/cr,
Tarte Light pink lash to brow,
Tarte Cocoa lash to crease,
Tarte dark brown in crease and outer corner,
Legit wet lined on top,
Tarte lights camera lashes mascara.

CHEEKS: Tarte Perfect Rose cheek stain
LIPS:Tarte gloss

Saturday, September 11, 2010

All Dolled Up

Ulta had a the all Dolled up kit for 20% off last week so I caved and got it. I already had both colours but I really love 1960 and wanted to have an extra. I don't even remember the last time I used mystic, but I do remember not liking it very much. But as with all BE you must give it a second and third chance before you give up on it completely. So I decided to try Mystic as a crease colour and I'm really glad I did. It looks really nice in the crease and I think the overall look turned out well. The Dolled up collection has a mini 1960's, mini Mystic, mini Primetime for eyes, the full tapered shadow brush and a pink bad with a mirrior. It is a really cute set.
Phobe didn't come in this set and it doesn't look this bright in real life lighting. There are just some colours the photograph this way (Turquoise sea, jade, grape, blueberry).

TFSI, wr/cr,
1960 lash to brow,
Mystic in crease,
Phobe wet lined on top,
Rimmel Volume curling mascara in black.

CHEEKS: Compassion
LIPS: Birthday Cake gloss

Bare Escentuals: The Royal Treatment

I fianlly got the Royal Treatment collection from Bare escentuals. The first shipment got lost in the mail so it took forever for me to get it, but it was worth the wait. Both eye colours are beautiful. The blue, Crown, it a nice teal leaning blue (it is similar to TLC) with green sparkles in it. King looks peach in the pot but it definitly looks like a light gold on the eye. The lipgloss is called Beignet and it is a sheer peachy gold colour. I don't love the gloss but it's okay. Both King and Crown are worth having. I ended up using at least one of them in three of the looks I did this week.

The first look is just the Royal Treatment collection by itself.


TFSI, wr/cr,
King lash to brow,
Crown lash into crease on outer 1/3ish,
Crown wet lined on top,

LIPS: London with Beignet over it.

The second look is a typical fall look.

TFSI, wr/cr,
King under brow,
Kiko lash to crease,
Beutiful Autumn in crease,
Spark in V ish,
Tiger's eye wet lined on top,

CHEEKS: Joyous Jennifer
LIPS: Apricot quick stick with Smashbox candid over it.

In the last look I wanted to play with the green in Crown. This look reminded me of how much I love Azalea blush.

TFSI, wr/cr,
Tiara under brow,
Buxom Saint bernard lash to crease,
Crown in crease,
King lash to creas on inner 1/3ish,
Envy blended into crown on outer 1/3ish,
Black Leather wet lined on top,

CHEEKS: Azeala Blush
LIPS: Fruit Cocktail gloss

Friday, September 3, 2010

Early Morning Sky

I get up really early to go exercise. A few days ago the sky looked so beautiful it seemed unreal. The stars were so bright in the inky blue background and the clouds were lit with beautiful colours. The sky inspired me to wear blue with a little twinkling white.

TFSI, wr/cr,
Kindness under brow,
Wearable blue dark lash into crease,
Snowflake lash to crease on inner 1/3ish,
Blue Black wet lined on top,

LIPS: Shell lipliner with gloss over it.