Saturday, November 13, 2010

Buxom Lipstick in Fresno and a Double Coat of Mascara

I finally got around to wearing the last colour set from Buxom City Slickers. I'm not sure I like Fresno all that much. It is very dark but it looks good with Brandi over it. I do however like the the other lipsticks and glosses in that set. I love the mini Buxom lipsticks. I wish I could get all the Buxom lipsticks in minis. I hope they keep doing these sets every year.

Since I did a really simple eye look because Fresno and Brandi create a really bold lip, I wanted to really play up my lashes. The lashes on one eye tend to curl or point in different directions (I think that must be the side I sleep on) and sometimes it can be hard to apply the Buxom mascara to that eye. So I decided to use the Flawless Definition Mascara first because it fans out my lashes and gets them all going the right direction and then I put on the Buxom Mascara and it worked out great! I really like how full and long my lashes look.

Coincidentally someone on the Bare Escentuals Addicts forum did the same thing but used the Flawless definition Volumizing mascara as the second coat. She said she really loved the result and others have tried it and liked it as well.  So if you have the flawless defintion mascara you might try it as the base coat and put another mascara over it.

Fresno with Brandi over it

Fresno by itself


PTFE, wr/cr,
Rock Crystal under brow,
High Shine Sand Dune lash to crease,
Soft Focus Velour wet lined on top,
Flawless Definition mascara with Buxom mascara over it.

LIPS: Buxom lipstick in Fresno with Brandi Buxom gloss over it.

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