Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It has been really nice out the last few days so I wanted to do a summer-y sunshine kind of look.


UDPP Eden,
Rock Crystal under brow,
Starlet Casey in crease,
TSS Who Hogged the Nog foiled lash to crease,
Spiced Fig wet lined on top,

CHEEKS: MAC Smooth Merge
LIPS: 100% Pure Shimmery White Peach lip gloss

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kat Von D Memento Mori Purple look

I am a big fan of the Kat Von D (KVD) eye shadow palettes. I really like her eye shadows because the colours are very pigmented but you can get a sheer layer of colour or build it up to be more intense. I also love that all the eye shadows can be used wet. I normally do not like pressed eye shadow but the KVD palettes have been one major exception. The memento mori palette is the new palette for spring. I think I will do a look with the bronze and peach colours later this week.


TFSI, wr/cr,
KVD Agatha Pink under brow and inner corner,
KVD True cream shadow lash to crease,
KVD Solitude over true lash to crease,
KVD Peggy in crease,
KVD Cholita wet lined on top,
KVD Solitude along lower lash line,
CHEEKS: Hot Shot blush
LIPS: Las Vegas

Here is another look I did a while ago with this palette.

Sugar skull under brow and inner 1/4 blended into peggy,
Peggy lash to crease on outer 3/4,
Hard Luck on outer 1/3ish and blended into crease and along lower lash line,
Tijuana wet lined on top,
Lash Blast Length with Rimmel Volume over it.
CHEEKS: BE Pink Tormuline blush
LIPS: Amsterdam Buxom lipstick with NYX pink pearl under it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspiration Everywhere

This look is inspired by two of my students shoes. They were both wearing grey tennis shoes with hot pink trim. One of them was wearing a pair of pumas that were grey and the outline of the puma was in hot pink--that gave me the idea for the double lining. I get inspired by all kind of crazy things. I guess it just goes to show you that you can find an idea for a look almost anywhere.


TFSI, wr/cr,
Cherish under brow,
Parisan Grey lash to crease,
TSS Miss Defiant in crease,
TSS Oh You Jealous Girl wet lined on top,
Mixology Gunsmoke in a thin wet line along top lash line,
Curvy Stiletto mascara.

CHEEKS: Fruit Cocktail blush
LIPS: Buxom lipstick in Las Vegas

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kate's Okay: What Colour Is It?

Kate's oaky is a TSS colour that I got in one of my recent orders. In the jar it looks like a midtone slate green/blue with gold and other colour sparkles. I decided to wear it and omg it looks really different on!! I like it alot but it is not what I was expecting. Dry it makes a great lid colour. It was a little too light dry for my look today so I foiled it on the lid.

What colour do you think Kate's Okay is?

TFSI, wr/cr,
Whimsy lash to brow,
TSS Kates's okay dry in crease and foiled lash to crease,
Fearless wet lined on top,
CHEEKS: Giddy Pink
LIPS: Birthday Cake

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bare Escentuals Cast Away Kit

The Cast Away kit is available now at Ulta. It comes with two eye shadows, Aztec Gold and Treasure Island, as well as a brown Big and Bright liner pencil and Flawless mascara in Black. I did not use the liner penicl for this look. I did some comparisons with other golds and greens so you can get an idea of what these colours look like. Aztec Gold has a coppery base with yellow gold sparkles. Treasure Island is a clay green brown with moderate goldish sparkle. 

I like both the colours from this kit but I don't really like them together. There have been a few kits from bare escentuals recently that have nice colours but the colours just don't go well together.

Aztec Gold Comparisons:

Treasure Island Comparisons:

TSS Stopping traffic under brow,
Treasure Island in crease,
Aztec Gold lash to crease,
Patio Party wet lined on top and dry in outer 1/4,

CHEEKS: Papaya blush
LIPS: Wild Honey gloss

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bare Escentuals Cherish Charity Colour

I got Cherish in the preview sale. Cherish is the new charity colour from Bare Escentuals. Some of the money from the sale of this colour will go to support autism research. The charity colours have been really soft and beautiful so far and this one is no exception. Cherish is a soft pink with a purple lean. I used it as a blush in this look and I really like it.


TFSI, wr/cr,
Cherish dry lash to brow,
Cherish more heavily from lash to crease,
Bloomin Surprise in crease,
Bermuda in outer 1/4 and wet lined on top,

CHEEKS: Cherish
LIPS: Sugar Plum natural gloss

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful in Pearls #2: Exotic Pearls

This is the second installment of the Beautiful In Pearls Auto-Delivery from QVC. I have most of the brushes already except the fast and flawless brush--can't wait to try that one. I am not very good with eye liner pencils and I really find that I don't use them that much. So I used Sugar Plum as the liner for this look instead of the Big and Bright Plum liner. Even though this kit has an old eye shadow in it I really like all the colours. The new version of Black pearl seems to have a darker base and a plum sheen, while the original Black Pearl is lighter and has a frosty purple sheen. I am posting swatches of the two Black Pearls as well as a few comparison swatches with Exotic Pearl.

EYES: TFSI, wr/cr,
Exotic Pearl dry under brow,
PI Black Pearl dry in crease,
PI Black pearl foiled lash to crease on outer 1/2,
Exotic Pearl foiled lash to crease on inner 1/2,
Sugar Plum wet lined on top,
Flawless Mascara.

CHEEKS: Pearl Blossom
LIPS: 7 Layer Cake