Monday, November 29, 2010

Sugar Plum

Just a quick plum look.


PTFE, wr/cr,
High Shine Charisma lash to brow lightly,
HS Charisma more heavily lash to crease,
Sugar Plum lightly lash to crease on outer 1/2ish and into lower crease,
Beautiful Lisa in crease,
Sugar Plum wet lined on top,
Falsies mascara.

CHEEKS: Compassion blush
LIPS: Birthday Cake lip gloss


  1. Pretty pretty pretty! How do you like the falsies mascara??

  2. I like the falsies mascara quite a bit. Th brush is really easy to work with and the formula is the right consistancy to give you full but seperated lashes. I like to use it when I want big lashes but I don't think it really gives you the look of false lashes.