Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you BE On A Budget

I just want to thank Connie from BE on a Budget for mentioning my blog when she got a blog award from another blogger. See it here.

I also wanted to give a shout out to a few blogs just as she did.
Beauty Au Natural: Heather does great work. I love all of her reviews of natural products. I also love that while she has pictures of the new BE products she makes a great effort to use all her colours by doing a "BE Nirvana" every now and then.

Alaskan Angel: Keasha's blog is packed with all the latest BE product info as well as swatches and looks. She rocks!!

Bare Escentuals Bliss: Jess just started her blog but you might know her from all her awesome swatches on Facebook. She is also a very talented makeup artist. I don't know if she has any training but she applies makeup like an expert.

I would also like to thank the ladies at Majyk for their support of my blog and me. And all the people at Bare Escentuals Addicts and Mineral Madness who have been so kind to me. The forums have been a great resource for makeup ideas and friendship.

Thanks again Connie for the kind words!!