Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A fun colourful look (yellow, blue and green) with Bare Escentuals Lagoon

A friend sent me some Snowman dance colours in a trade, so many I will be trying them for quite a while (Thanks Sandia61!!). I like to try to make bright colours wearable. This may not be right for the office but you could easily pull this off for a night out.

You could do this look with all BE pretty easily. Just use Trophy Wife or lemon zinger for the yellow, Seashell for Iridescent green, Key lime for shamrock. If you don't have Lagoon you could always use French Navy. Shamrock reminds me of MAC landscape green and 12th night reminds me of MAC Chartruse. While I'm at it you could probably use MAC golden lemon for the yellow and MAC teal in place of electric.

PTFE, wr/cr,
Snowman Dance (SD) Iridescent green under brow,
SD Yellow sun lash to crease on inner 1/2ish,
BE High Shine Electric in crease and outer 1/4,
SD Shamrock blended into Electric,
SD 12th Night in center of lid blended with Shamrock and yellow sun,
BE Lagoon wet lined on top Electric dry lined on bottom,
Falsies mascara.

CHEEKS: Irresistable blush
LIPS: Buxom london with 7 layer cake gloss over it.

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