Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Train Case: Yazmo TS-20

I have been wanting a new train case for a while. I had my daily makeup in two seperate cases. One was the Travelon train case and the other was really just a cardboard insert with telescoping trays. I kept my eye stuff in the Travelon case and my face stuff in the other one. I wanted to get a bigger case that I could use for both.

After looking for a long time I came across the Yazmo TS-20. It looked perfect because it has three teirs on each side plus a very large center space. I also like that the two bottom trays of each side slide out. They slide out all the way so you can see clearly what is in the bottom tray. I also think the sliding mechinism is more sturdy than the telescoping sort. I thought that this case would be big enough to put all my face stuff on one side and the eye stuff on the other. That is how I ended up organizing it.

The case is quite big and would fit a lot of eye shadow. The trays fit two BE eye shadows on their sides and one mini BE shadow on its side. A tray also fits two blushes side by side. The trays are too shallow to put a BE blush on its side, but you can stand up an old style MAC pigment jar in the tray. The trays come with removable dividers so you can adjust the sections as you see fit.

The large opening at the bottom is very deep. You will see that I have BE blushes on their sides and still have plenty of room. I can stand up a bottle of BE face primer in the bottom with no problem.
The case is heavy even when it is not filled but that is not a big deal to me. It does have wheels and a telescoping handle that will make it easy to take on trips. The handle and wheels are not removable. In some videos I saw when researching this case someone had one with removable wheels, so just keep that in mind.

I had no problem ordering from Yazmo. The product was delivered as promised and it was the right product. They included a free brush set. There are two coupon codes that you can use for 10% off:


I tried the RENREN code first but it did not take off the right amount so I used the other one and it worked.

I will have to use the case for a while to really decide if I like it or not. My first impression is positive but I will update this once I have had it for a while. I re organized the eye shadow side since I took the pictures. I put the KVD palettes in the bottom section and put all my MAC pigments in the bottom teir.

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