Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Colours and a new Haircut

This look was inspired by a picture of a christmas tree all aglow.

I also cut my hair. I think I like it--it is very short but fluffly which is nice.


PTFE, wr/cr,
Yellow Sapphire lash to brow then foiled lash
to crease,
Lisa's Mix Green in crease,
Wicked in lower crease and outer 1/3ish,
Patio party wet lined on top and outer 1/4 of lower lash line,
Falsies Black Drama (the matte one).

LIPS: Jelly Roll gloss


  1. I love your new hair cut. Very flattering, you cutie. :)

    The eyes, as usual, are perfection. I am a huge fan of you, your looks, and this blog.

    Thanks for being so generous with your talent and time.

    *waves* Kate

  2. Holy smokes, you have posted so many new posts! I am now scrolling away, very happy, and ready to take notes. Whee!!

    I think it is so generous of you to share your skills with the YouTube/blogging community.

  3. Yay! I'm glad you are enjoying all the new posts. I've been trying to post more of my daily looks on my blog.