Monday, December 13, 2010

Bare Escentuals: I Wish collection

The "I Wish" collection was one of the new eye shadow sets in the last Q show. I love it when BE does all new eye shadows in one set. These colours are amazing.

Dandelion is really special. It is a pale green that transforms the other colours (I don't know if it is supposed to do that but it does). It looks great by itself and I think I will use it a lot. I don't have anything close to it in my collection.

Shooting Star is beautiful. I love anything in the teal family and this is no exception. It does look like Ell-if-I-know but they are not the same. EIIK is a totally different colour, has silver sparkle, and has a matte base, while Shooting star has a more uniform glimmer texture and green sparkle. In the swatches they look pretty similar but because of the textural differences they are both worth having (unless you don't like teal in which case you are crazy lol).

Lucky Penny is not what I expected at all when I saw it on the Q. Jess posted swatches and I was really happy to see that Lucky penny is purple! It has a deep matte smokey base with plum and bronze-ish sparkle. It looks very similar to 1990s but again the texture is completely different and that makes it unique.

Overall, although these colours look similar to other I have I think that they are actually quite different. I think they are worth having. I really like how the look turned out. You can see that they blended out very well.


PTFE, wr/cr,
Dandelion lash to brow,
Shooting Star lash into and above crease on outer 1/2ish,
Lucky Penny in outer 1/4 and part way into the crease and along lower lash line,
Lucky Penny wet lined on top,
Too Faced Pinpoint mascara.

CHEEKS: boost blush
LIPS: Tarte tinted lip balm in Summer fling


  1. Lovely! I just received my kit this afternoon. I like looking at your blog entry for inspiration better than the tip card. Thanks!

    You wear blues so well. I love them, but I don't know if I can "make them work" with the same panache that you do. No Matter. I have fun playing. :)

  2. Thank you! The blue in this kit blends out really well. You could always do a light layer of the blue with dandelion blended over it. The blue will peek through but have more of a green cast to it. You could also use black B&B liner and smudge the blue into it. Also putting lucky penny over the blue made it turn that deeper smoky colour so you could do that over most of the lid.

  3. Hi! well, I put this kit on this morning, and I love it! I think this should be a must-have for people who like BE, but feel they have enough neutrals. This kit is not a generic, work-safe, neutral look, IMO. I love it!!!

    You are correct that luck penny takes on a different color when it is applied on top of shooting star (which is also on top of a light dusting of dandelion to begin with!) On me, it was pretty much black once I did the outer corner.

    I am in awe of your ultra thin yet neat and precise wet lining. Which brush do you use for wet lining the top lashes, please?

    Thanks for the convo. back and forth. Some bloggers don't have the time and/or inclination for chatter, which I respect. But I really do like it when the author responds. :)

  4. I love talking makeup. I moderate the comments so I don't miss any.

    I use the Face Secrets liner/concealer brush from Sally Beauty supply for wet lining the upper lash line. It is $4 but it is the best liner brush I have ever used--I have backups. You can do a thick or thin line with it and you can dry line with it if you want.

    I'm glad you love this kit. I do too. I did another look with Dandelion and lucky penny--maybe I will post it tomorrow. Lucky penny does have that really dark smoky base so I bet it does just look black on some people.

    I love the comments and questions so keep them comming. :)