Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wild Women

I’m not a big fan of browns. I think I look tired or something when I wear them. The wild women are a very popular set of bare escentuals colours and I can see why. They are, generally speaking, very nice browns. I especially like Wild Woman Melissa. WW Melissa is a dark espresso brown with lots of silver sparkle. I think there are many good ways to use a colour like WWM. Wild woman Debra is also pretty it has a nice sheen and a very dark base. I was not expecting it to be so dark but I think it creates a nice effect effortlessly. Wild Woman Sarah also surprised me. When I swatched it on my hand it looked like a relatively sheer peach, but on it creates quite a shadow and is not really good as a highlight colour on my skin tone. This would probably be a good crease colour in a pin-up girl kind of look. I haven’t tried wild woman Dawn yet but when I do I’ll update this post.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Wild Woman Sarah under brow with TSS Distant Rumor over it,
Wild Woman Debra lash to crease,
Wild Woman Melissa in outer corner and crease on outer 1/2ish and wet lined on top,
Rimmel mascara.

CHEEKS: Boost blush
LIPS: Biscotti gloss


  1. Oh...the Wild Woman Becky is comin on out! Step over to the brown side, my dear! You look mahvelous, Dahling!

  2. Thanks Val, maybe I'll give browns another shot!

  3. I know browns aren't always fun but these are by far my fave ones.