Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Review

I have been using Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator mascara for thirty days. It is supposed to make your lashes longer. I bought this mascara in Blackest Black. I like how black it is. It mostly gives you length and separation. I think I prefer a mascara to give me some volume, so I didn’t really like the way my lashes looked with this mascara at first. I think I’ve gotten used to it now but I still with it gave me more volume. I did not really see any change in the length of my lashes as far as I could tell. Around about day 20 when I would post pictures people would occasionally comment on my lashes but that happens sometimes anyway so I don’t know if it was from the mascara or just a random occurrence. Around day 27 or so I thought I could tell a difference but it was only a slight difference. I think if you are looking for dramatic results from you will not get it from using this mascara. If you are patient and would be happy with slightly longer lashes you might like this product—my guess is that if you used it for more than 30 days you might see better results.

Overall I don't think there is much difference between day 1 and day 30. I don't think I would buy this mascara again and I wouldn't recommend it. I am going to be happy to get back to using the Tarte lights, camera, lashes mascara and all my Bare Escentuals mascaras.

Day 1

Day 11

Day 30


  1. I have to agree with you, I don't really see a difference either? But you have fantastically long lashes anyways! My lashes are so so but I haven't felt compelled yet to try one of these mascaras. Maybe when they are showing better consistent results I'll give in!

  2. I've seen some people review the more expensive products and they seem to get better results but I would guess you have to keep using them forever.

  3. How much was the mascara?I think I paid liitle high,