Sunday, January 23, 2011

Product Reviews: a scrub, a moisturizer and a top coat

Today I want to talk about some bath and body products I have been enjoying. The first one is a body scrub from Tree Hut. It is a shea and sugar scrub. I have only used it once but I’m already sure that I love it. My skin is so smooth. The scrub is abrasive enough to really do some work but once you add a little water it is less abrasive. If you have sensitive skin you might find it too harsh. It did make my skin a little red while I was using it but once I got out of the shower that was all gone. My skin feels smooth but I think it also looks smoother than it did before. This would be a good scrub to use before using a tanning product or tinted moisturizer. I think I will definitely use it often in the summer. I got the Honey Almond scent but there are two others Coconut Lime and Brazil nut (I think). The Honey Almond smells like honey and I really like it.

Another product I love is Vaseline Aloe Fresh hydrating lotion. I like it because I think it does a good job moisturizing but it absorbs quickly. It has a fresh scent I like, but I would imagine some people would not like it—so you might smell it before you buy it. I also like the gel version of this lotion. I use the gel in the summer. It is a lighter moisturizer but it gets the job done and also absorbs quickly.

I have been doing my nails more often lately. I haven’t really painted my nails much in the past because when I do I always ruin my manicure five minutes later when I bump my nails against something and muck them up. That is why I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat. It really does help your nails set quickly. I’ve used it a few times and managed to keep the manicure in tacked each time. It also prevents chipping. I used it over Flashy Fuchsia and did a ton of dishes that night and had no chips. So I would recommend this for all you accident prone gals like me.

I am wearing the top coat over Pedal to the Metal. I really don’t know if I like this colour. It is a silver with lavender tones and I can’t decide if it is pretty or weird. Your thoughts?

I picked up a tube of Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator mascara and I think I am going to try to use it every day for the next 30 days and see if anything happens. I’ll post pics and a full review when I’m done with the test.

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