Monday, January 3, 2011

Green and Gold

Sometimes I know that I want to do a look with one specific colour and I stand in front of my Lowes tool chest trying to figure out what else I could wear with that colour. That is how I came up with this look. I knew I wanted to wear Shih Tzu so that's where I started.

Primetime for eyes,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radaince all over,
Creme de la creme under brow,
Buxom Stay There shih Tzu lash to crease,
Inspire in crease and outer 1/4ish,
Aztec Gold in crease,
Retro wet lined on top,
Tarte mascara.

CHEEKS: Boost blush
LIPS: Tarte Reuse tinted lip balm

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