Monday, October 11, 2010

1970s and an Old Eye Shadow Foe

It is really hard for me to give away or sell BE eye shadows that don't work for me. There really aren't that many but I have come across a few that I just can't seem to make work or that I don't like (pure spice). But I think there is a good reason I am so reluctant to get rid of eye shadows I don't like and the reason is that some time down the road I will give the shadow another try and low and behold I'll like it! This has happened to me a few times and it happended again today with Bordeaux. I used to hate bordeaux because it is so matte and it always made me look weird but I think it looks pretty with BFF. So before you sell or give away an eye shadow you think you don't like just give it one more try.

The first look I'm posting was inspired by last weeks cover of the New Yorker. The cover had a drawing with orange lines over a cranberry purple and I thought it looked nice.

TFSI, wr/cr,
Vanilla Sugar under brow,
1970's lash to crease,
Elegant Diamond in crease,
Here Kitty in outer 1/4 of crease and outer corner,
Legit wet lined on top,

CHEEKS: NARS Orgasim blush
LIPS: NYX Watermelon lipstick


TFSI, wr/cr,
BFF lash to brow,
Bordeaux in crease and outer corner,
Brocade wet lined on top,
Buxom Mascara.

CHEEKS: Flourish
LIPS: Cranberry Sorbet


  1. New reader here--those are GORGEOUS! And your eyelashes are amazing too; wish I could get mine to look that long w/out falsies! :-p

  2. Thank you!!
    Welcome to the blog and thanks for the comment.