Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Classic Blue look

Today's look is a very common blue look. There are just some colour combinations you can't go wrong with, blue and white is one of those. Blues look great with so many other colours (greens, pinks, cremes, yelleow, brown) but if you want a simple combination that will play up the blue just pair it with any white. I picked moonstruck because it has the slightest hint of purple in it that I thought might show up when mixed with the HS Electric (I don't think it does but it still looks nice).

TFSI, wr/cr,
Moonstruck under brow,
HS Electric lash belended into crease on outer 3/4,
Moonstruck lash to crease on inner 1/4ish,
Luxe dry lined on top and outer corner of lower lashes,
Stellitos curling mascara.

LIPS: Bavarian Creme

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