Friday, October 22, 2010

Bare Escentuals All Wrapped Up and Sweet Sparklers

October has been a month of newness. I have been slowly working my way through all the new colours and products. I wanted to review All Wrapped Up today, even though I have only done one look with it, because I figure some people are trying to decide what to get during the Sephora F&F sale.

All Wrapped Up
This is a kit of 6 mini shadows. There are two old colours--present and the gift--and four new colours Garland, Mistletoe, Bauble, and Tinsel. All the colours are beautiful but Garland and Mistletoe look excatly like two old colours. Garland looks almost exactly like Heavenly Diamond and Mistletoe looks exactly like envy. I had swatches on my had and asked my DH if they were the same colour and he said yes about both pairs. Bauble is unique, but it is similar to in a jam and devotion. Devotion has a pink sheen-y sparkle and so does bauble. Bauble has a purple base that is not as dark as in a jam. When I was looking at tinsel in the jar I thought it looked like Sapphire but it doesn't. Sapphire is much more purple while Tinsel is a true blue. What they have in common is beutiful multi-coloured sparkle. I think Tinsel would look pretty with purples because of the sparkle. Present is a light pink with a slight sheen it is a great pink. The gift is a light bronze. I will have to play around with that one.

Sweet Sparklers
I love all things mini so Sweet Sparklers is right up my alley. You get two mini lipsticks and two mini 100% natural glosses in this kit. The darker shades are Rose Crepe and Kir Royal and the lighter shades are Sherbet and Pink Prosecco. Rose crepe is a deep rose shade. It has a glossy quality to it that I really love. It is not too dark for daytime and give you a defined lip without being dramatic. Kir Royal is a sheer plum gloss with sparkle, it will look great with lots of lipstick. Sherbet is a very light pink. When I had it on by itself my lips were almost invisible. It is creamy and opaque (Rose Crepe is more sheer). If you want a pink nude lip Sherbet will do the job. Although it is very light I actually like the way it looks but I think it will be too nude for some. The gloss is a pretty pink gloss.

Rose Crepe and Kir Royal

Sherbet and Pink Prosecco

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