Thursday, October 21, 2010

Customer Blends Volume 3

The customer blends series is a quartet of eye colours created by customers. People submit their mixes via a thread on Bare Escentuals addicts forum or by submitting them to BE (I think), then BE chooses a few to make. I think this is the third set.

I tend to like brighter colours so my two favorites from this set are Stardust and Overjoyed. Overjoyed is really beautiful and unique, maybe it will come out as a single at some point.

I split this kit with a friend so I don't have the original jars or the tip card but I did do some swatches. I also wanted to wait to post this until I had done a look with each colour.

Overjoyed and Stardust

TFSI, wr/cr,
Overjoyed lash to brow and more heavily lash
to crease,
Stardust in crease and outer 1/4,
Amythest wet lined on top,
Tarte mascara.

CHEEKS: Pink Ribbon
LIPS: Avon Pink Kiss



TFSI, wr/cr,
MTB Light under brow,
Superstar foiled lash to crease,
Frills in crease,
Leatherette lash liner,
Flawless Volumizing mascara.

CHEEKS: Flourish, gold MV
LIPS: French Pastry

Smokin' Hot

TFSI, wr/cr,
Chenille under brow,
Smokin Hot lash into crease,
Drama in outer 1/4,
Now wet lined on top,
Tarte mascara.

CHEEKS: So Fab blush
LIPS: Rose Crepe lipstick with Kir Royal lip
gloss over it.

For this look I used Chenille and Drama from the sample cards I got with my order. I am not sure that these card are the best way to introduce new customers to BE because they are a little hard to use, especially with the brush provided. You really can't apply the eye shadow with the brush provided. You kind of have to swirl your brush really hard on the card to get the eye shadow to come off. I used the blending brush which worked well and the crease defining brush which also worked. But if someone tried to use the tiny brush the cards come with I doubt they would want to try the eye shadows--which is really sad.

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  1. Great swatches, Becky!
    And I love all three looks...
    you are the blending/lining queen in my world!!!