Saturday, October 30, 2010

Buxom Samantha's Smoky Eye and BE Smoky Eye Tutorial

I got my first Sephora Friends and Family sale order on Friday and just had to jump right in. I decided to start with the Buxom Samantha's Smoky Eye kit because it has a new product in it. The kit comes with a round tip brush, Buxom mascara, Buxom Shadow stick in Smokin' Pistol and Samantha buxom. The shadow stick is a new. I've heard that there will be more kits like the Samantha's smoky eye kit, so there will probably be more colours. Smokin' Pistol is black, very black, so it creates a really dark smoky eye when worn alone. I wish I had taken pictures of it by itself, but I'll do that later (I think I'll do a video). The shadow stick is the same size as a full size buxom lipstick. The shadow stick is similar to the MAC shadestick, so if you like shadesticks you will probably like the Buxom shadow stick.

I applied the shadow stick according to the directions on the box. It said to swipe the brush on the shadow stick and then blend it onto your eye lid. This worked pretty well but I wish it blended out more smoothly. It looked kind of blotchy. I tried a fluffy brush which helped a little but it still looked uneven. So I just did small strokes with the shadow stick and then blended with the brush. The brush is of medium stiffness, so it kind of starts to hurt to keep blending. Eventually I did manage to get an even layer and it looked good, but I was just going grocery shopping and need to make it a bit less dramatic so I added the HS moonshine.

The brush will be a nice addition to my collection. It was a little scratchy the first time I used it, but I washed it (to get the shadow off) and it seems softer now. It held its shape after washing and it does seem firm still.

The lipgloss is a really pretty nude with slight glod fleck. It is not opaque so the lip is not too pale with the dark eye.

Samantha's Smoky Eye (with high shine moonstone)


Benefit Stay Put primer,
BE Embrace under brow,
Buxom Smokin' Pistol Shadow stick lash to crease applied with a brush and dabbed and blended,
HS moonshine lash to crease on inner 1/2ish,
Buxom mascara.

CHEEKS: Pink Ribbon
LIPS: Buxom London lipstick with Samantha Buxom over it.

Bare Escentuals Smoky Eye Tutorial (with celestine and skyline)

I don't actually own this kit (I've not looked at the box). I did finally get Skyline so technically I have all the pieces of the kit. This was the first in the Tutorial series. Overall I like how it turned out. Celestine is very sparkly and skyline is matte so they compliment each other very well.


TFSI, wr/cr,
Celestine under brow,
B&B in black along upper lash line and
smudged out with smudger,
Skyline lash to crease and along outer 1/2ish
of lower lash line,
Celestine blended in the crease,
Flawless Volumizing mascara.

CHEEKS: Irresistable Blush
LIPS: London buxom lipstick with Cupcake
gloss over it.


  1. Thank you SO much for doing the smoky eye tutorial!! I have been searching high and low for a decent review complete with pics for this product, and your review is wonderful!!

    Thank you again, and keep up the good work!!!!

  2. I'm glad I could help. Thank you! :)

  3. Could you please make videos for these two tutorials? I'm hopeless with eye makeup and this is beautiful.