Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beyond Gorgeous

You have probably already seen pictures of this kit but I thought I would post my look any way. Since I don't usually use the B&B liners like Charbronze I used Charcoal Lame instead. I think the eye shadows in this kit are similar to others I have already. Satin Ruffle is similar in colour (but a different texture) to Pearl Sateen. Frills is a deep gray, I'm not sure I have anything exactly like it but if you used a gray and then charcoal lame you would end up with a very similar look.

The blush is really pretty and so is the gloss. I also love the jars with the ribbons. The little ribbon tucks into the space under the bottom of a regular eye shadow jar when you keep them on their sides so storage has not been an issue.

I am also wearing the new Gold Mineral Veil in this look. I love everything about the Gold MV set. I love the brush, the compact, the dispenser and the MV itself. I think I might even buy a second one. I wish they would make eye shadow and blush despensers like the ones in this compact.

TFSI, wr/cr,
Satin Ruffle lash to brow,
Frills in crease and outer 1/4,
Charcoal lame wet lined on top,
Flawless Volumizing mascara.

CHEEKS: Gold MV, Pink Ribbon blush
LIPS: Icing lip gloss

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