Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kat Von D Memento Mori Purple look

I am a big fan of the Kat Von D (KVD) eye shadow palettes. I really like her eye shadows because the colours are very pigmented but you can get a sheer layer of colour or build it up to be more intense. I also love that all the eye shadows can be used wet. I normally do not like pressed eye shadow but the KVD palettes have been one major exception. The memento mori palette is the new palette for spring. I think I will do a look with the bronze and peach colours later this week.


TFSI, wr/cr,
KVD Agatha Pink under brow and inner corner,
KVD True cream shadow lash to crease,
KVD Solitude over true lash to crease,
KVD Peggy in crease,
KVD Cholita wet lined on top,
KVD Solitude along lower lash line,
CHEEKS: Hot Shot blush
LIPS: Las Vegas

Here is another look I did a while ago with this palette.

Sugar skull under brow and inner 1/4 blended into peggy,
Peggy lash to crease on outer 3/4,
Hard Luck on outer 1/3ish and blended into crease and along lower lash line,
Tijuana wet lined on top,
Lash Blast Length with Rimmel Volume over it.
CHEEKS: BE Pink Tormuline blush
LIPS: Amsterdam Buxom lipstick with NYX pink pearl under it.

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  1. WOW! I love the purple and blue look! It is so stunning on you Becky! You should keep that look as your go-to look.