Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bare Escentuals Good Morning Gorgeous and High Shine Swatches and a look with Tuesday

I had time to do some swatches so here you go.

Here are swatches of the new high shine colours. I will be getting rose gold and bronze later and I will swatch those when I get them. I think High Shine Meteorite and High Shine Flash are unique but High Shine Ice is very similar to high shine Charisma. High Shine Charisma is a little darker and maybe a little warmer than HS ice. I'm not sure if you can tell that HS Flash is really lavender in the pictures--I think it looks more lavender in person.

Good Morning Gorgeous has some interesting colours in it. Friday is especially unique. I don't even know what colour it is. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes it looks green and then I thought it looked a little purple when I blended it out on my hand but it is very pretty. I really like Monday it really isn't like any of my other blues. Tuesday is a nice pink that is a shade or two darker than Pink Posey. Wednesday is a more wearable version of Exotic Victoria. Wednesday has a smoky base and sparkle that is similar to Exotic Victoria but because the the darker base and the fact that it is a little more green I think it is easier to use than EV. Thursday is a lighter version of Rebel. They both have the reddish brown base and the bluish irridescent sparkle but rebel is darker. Saturday is very similar in colour to Tiara but it has bigger sparkles. Sunday is not like anything I already have, I thought it might be similar to cocoa but it is much more pink.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radince all over,
Saturday under brow,
Ginger Peach Smoothie lash to crease,
Tuesday lash to crease and in crease blended into GPS,
Bauble in V and lower lash line,
Buxom Shadow Stick in 5" Stellito lined top and bottom,
Flawless Definition mascara.

CHEEKs: Pearl Blossom Blush
LIPS:Destiny Buxom


  1. Oh my gosh,how pretty. A color for every day of the week! I had no idea! Wow! I missed Good Morning Gorgeous. Are these mini eyeshadows? And it probably sold out too,didn't it? I wonder if it will be avaiable any where else?

  2. You didn't miss it. It will be the Bare Escentuals TSV in May. There was a link to order it early and that is how I got it. It was available for a while and then not and then availble again. I'll try to find the link and post it.