Thursday, June 24, 2010

MOST WANTED volume 2

Bare escentuals released the second edition of the Most Wanted kit during the June show on QVC. This one has four colours that were not a set and do not necessarily go together. I think there are ways that you could wear them together but I wanted to do a look with each colour seperately. I like all of the colours except Amber, but that is because I am not really a fan of pinkish/reddish/browns.

All the colours have a really interesting silvery sheen that not many of the newer bare escentuals colours have. You can really see the sheen in the swatch I did of Pacific. Moonstruck is beautiful and it seems to have a very very slight purple cast in some light--that's why I swatched ecstacy with it. You can't see the purple cast in the swatches. Hay is a beautiful buttery yellow. I think it is most similar to Banana Smoothie, but it defintly has a different texture. Many people have compared Pacific to Denim and I have heard that Denim replaced Pacific. I don't think denim and pacific are that similar. Denim is brighter and I like it better. Pacific is most similar to Ocean and ocean even has a similar sheen, just not to the same degree as Pacific. Amber is not exactly like anything I already have but it is similar to cocoa as others have mentioned.
I will put the comparison swatches before each look.


TFSI, wr/cr,
Meet The Stones Light lash to brow,
Pacific lash in and above crease on outer 1/2ish,
? liner lash to crease in outer corner and wet lined on top.

LIPS: Aveda Foxglove lip liner with Muffin top gloss over it.


TFSI, wr/cr,
Moonstruck lash to brow,
Angel lash into and above crease outer 1/2,
Soul Sister in V,
Yoga wet lined on top,
Buxom mascara.

CHEEKS: Rose Radiance
LIPS: Thistle lip liner with Margarita buxom over it


Hay lash to brow,
Pond lash into and above crease on outer 1/2ish,
Gracious foiled lash to crease in outwe 1/3ish,
Sublime wet lined on top,
Buxom mascara.

CHEEKS: Optimist blush
LIPS: Lacy Buxom


Exquisite Diamond under brow and inner corner,
Amber lash into and above crease,
Bronze Leaf lash into crease on outer 1/3ish,
Sable wet lined on top,
Flawless mascara.

CHEEKS: Precious Pearl
LIPS: Wearable Rose lip liner with Strawberry Shortcake gloss over it.

Here is a swatch of the whole kit with the colours blended out a bit:


  1. Hey Becky!!!!!

    All of the looks that you have done with this kit are really pretty. I esp love the last one. You are making me sorry I didnt jump on this one! :D

  2. cool to see looks w/ all these colors! i skipped them! shoot! i really like your "hay" look!

  3. You could do the Hay look with Banana smoothie or really any pale buttery yellow. I love yellow, green and blue together.