Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bare Freedom for a 5k

Last Saturday I ran a 5k. Since it started at 5pm I decided to do my makeup like I normally do and see if it would last. It was 90 degrees but my makeup made it pretty well.
I wanted to do something sunny and summer-y so I decided to wear the Bare Freedom kit. I didn't get this kit when it came out but then I saw it on sale over Christmas and had to get it. I'm really glad I did. The colours are very warm but they create a nice look for summer. Sun goddess didn't come in the kit.

After the 5k


UDPP Eden,
Sun Goddess under brow,
Bone in crease and outer 1/4,
Brave lash to crease,
Rebel wet lined on top,
Lash Blast Length mascara.
CHEEKS: Papaya blush
LIPS: Buxom lipstick ?

Me Running and after the race in my backyard


  1. Impressive! Both your running the 5K and how well the make up held up :-)

  2. becky - i'm a lurker - just wanted to tell you that your blending and application skills just floor me! if you're not doing make-up professionally...you SHOULD be! love seeing all your looks and reviews! thanks!

  3. Thank you very much!! That really means a lot to me. :)