Friday, July 22, 2011

Buxom Amplified Mascara

I got the new Buxom Amplified mascara after I heard some very positive reviews of it. The brush is the innovative part of this product. The brush is a thin plastic brush with teeth on it. When you turn the end of the cap you can increase the length of the brush and when you twist it back you shorten the length of the brush. In the longer position the brush is supposed to give you volume, which I think it does. In the shortened position the brush is supposed to seperate and lengthen your lashes. I do think it seperates your lashes well in the shorter position but I'm not sure it lengthens any more in that position than in the other (but if you work the tips of your lashes it does give you quite a bit of length).

Overall I like this mascara. It is a nice dark black and it does create big lashes. The small brush is also good for getting into the root of your lashes and for the outer corners. The formula is thin and goes on smoothly but I tend to get thin formulas on my lash line and on my water line, so if I'm not careful I could end up with a real mess. I tried the brush in both positions on their own and then put it in one position and then the other one after the other. I think my favorite method (so far) is to use the brush in the short position first on one eye then the other and then go back to the first eye with the brush in the long position. That's what I did for today's look. I'll have to use this a little longer to really decide if I love it.

KVD= Kat Von D

PTFE Pearl
KVD Missy under brow,
KVD Babe in crease,
KVD Shiba lash to crease,
KVD Cholita in outer corner and dry lined along lower lash line,
KVD Turbo Lover upper lash line,
Buxom Amplified mascara.

CHEEKS: Boost Blush
LIPS: Michelle Buxom gloss

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  1. This product looks very interesting. It is the first time that I'm hearing it. Your lashes look amazing :)