Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bare Escentuals New High Shine Eye Shadows

Bare Escentuals had preview day a week or so ago and we got a sneek peek at the new stuff coming out in October. I bought 5 of the 6 new high shine colours (Frost, Glisten, Patina, Moonshine and Electric). I also got startlight eye shadow which is sort of new and the new BE Cares eye shadow called Enlightened. I will do at least one look with each shadow and try to post them on the blog this coming week. But for now I did a video review and a video using Patina (the green shade).

I have only played with the new shadows a little but so far I really like them. The new high shine colours come in tubes rather than jars. The tube has a spring loaded sponge applicator. The sponge is on the large side so it might be too big to use if you have small eyes, but I wouldn't recommend using the applicator alone to apply the shadows anyway so I'm not sure it's a big deal. The HS shadows cling to the sponge and as a result there is a lot of product on the applicator when you pull it out--even if you swirl it and scrape it as you pull it out. The minerals clig to the sponge well enough that you could tap a little into the lid of an old eye shadow, blush or foundation and then stand the applicator up until you need more. A little bit of product goes a very long way. One swipe from the sponge is enough to do your whole eye.You will get a little fallout if you apply it with the sponge, but you can easily wipe it away with a microfiber cloth.

Overall I really like the colours and the product itself. The packaging will be great for traveling even if you do still need a brush. I really like the effect of the HS colours, they can be bold or subtle. 

The most neutral shade of the colours I got was Glisten. All the shadows have a darker base with the high shine sparkle on top (or that's the way they look to me). I had no trouble using them over other shadows or blending them with other shadows. If you have a liner shadow or colour you think is too dark for you, you might want to try it over the a high shine colour. I put a black shadow over frost and you could still see the frost peeking through and the black did not look heavy at all.

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