Sunday, May 23, 2010

June 2010 TSV from QVC

My June TSV came on Friday. I tried everything (except the Ink liner) yesterday and love it all. The Brightening PTFE spreads easily and evenly, it is sparkly but it is not chunky or glittery, and it has the same great staying power of the original. One thing I have noticed about tinted primers like BPTFE and UDPP eden is that sometimes the colour peeks through the colours you put on top of it. When you look at the pictures you can see the BPTFE under the brow more than I would expect since I put a good layer of Tiara over it. When I was playing around with the BPTFE I noticed that it makes dark colours look lighter--so you have to put more on to get the colour payoff you might be looking for. On the good side the brightening primer creates a really nice effect or glow through the eye shadow. It gives your eyes a look that is hard to achieve with just shadow alone. Sometimes when I'm looking at celeberity makeup it looks like they have some darker shade near the liner and then lightness on the lid that is meleded together and that is the effect of this primer. I also think this primer does help to diminish redness and discolouration--so I didn't use my 50/50 mix of well rested/clear radiance before applying the shadows with this look.

I don't usually use primer under my foundation but I thought I would try this new primer because it has a peachy tone I thought might help cover my dark circles. The primer glides on. It is not noticably peach or sparkly from a distance but up close you will see brightening bits on your face--they get blended in with the foundation and the final effect is not sparkly or shiny. I do think the primer helps with the dark circles. I tried using my cream concealer over the primer but it didn't look very good so in the look below I just used mineral and I think that worked out pretty well.

Lucky is a really nice plum taupe. It has a shadow effect which is really pretty. It is one of those colours that will create depth but it does not go on dark. I had to put on about 3 layers to get the colour payoff I ended up with. Lucky will work well in a light smoky eye and it would be perfect to shape your eye (like if you are going to draw out the corners or to create a lifed look). I am pleased that Lucky is more purple than brown.

I have trouble applying the pencil eye liners so I didn't use the eye liner. I used Sailor dry instead, which I think looks close to ink.

Optimist is gorgeous!! It is a nice fresh colour that I'm not sure I would describe as peach or pink. Whatever colour it is it's very pretty. The colour of Jelly Roll is also hard to describe but in the tube it reminded me of Cupcake--but once I put it on I saw that it is totally different in colour and texture. On me Jelly Roll has the colour payoff of a glossy liquid lipstick. I really LOVE it!! I think it will be a go to colour for spring and summer.

The foundation is wonderful of course. This was my first jar with the new lid. The new lid is really cool I just wish there was a slot to return unused product because sometimes I take out too much and need to put it back. I've been using the Matte foundation for a while now and I really really like it, but I thought I would use the regular to see if it looked too sparkly with the brightening primer--I don't think it does.

Overall I love this kit. I'm glad it has an auto-delivery option and I hope the blush and lip selections in the future kits are as great as the ones in this one. The overall look is fresh, happy and bright!


Tiara under brow,
Lucky lash and into crease,
Sailor dry lined top and bottom,
Flawless mascara.

FACE: Brightening Face Primer, Regular Fairly Light Foundation, Optimist Blush
LIPS: Jelly Roll

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