Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two TSS looks from the Cinderella Collection

I finally felt inspired to start on this collection and I'm really glad I did. The colours are SO pretty! I love greens--all shades, and the greens in this collection are awesome!! I got Whirled and Twirled on a whim which was lucky. DH really liked the purple combo.

Be The Fairytale

EYES: UDPP Eden, Lorac Beige under brow,
TSS Be The Fairytale lash to crease outer 2/3,
TSS Dragon Breath lash to crease inner 1/3,
TSS Rotten Apples lash to crease outer 1/3ish,
TSS Rotten Apples wet lined on top and bottom,


Whirled and Twirled

EYES: TFSI, wr/cr,
TSS The He Kissed Me under brow,
TSS Whirled and Twirled lash to crease,
TSS Midnight at the Palace lightly lash to crease in outer corner and wet lined on top,
CHEEKS: LORAC Pink Paradise
LIPS: Clinique A Different Grape

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