Friday, May 7, 2010

Keling Lupus Awareness Fundraiser

Kim from Keling is doing another Fundraiser  eye shadow and brush set in support of the fight against Lupus.

This year there will be two pink colours (that look awesome) and a mini eye brush. She is also giving a discount on a few of the face brushes when you buy the Lupus set. If you don't already have the chubby blender this would be a great time to get it. I have most of the Keling brushes and use some of them everyday. My favorites are the chubby blender, the flat top face brush, the large all over and the small all over (I use the large all over almost everyday). Her brushes are really soft, don't shed and are easy to clean. She also has some little bowls that are great for mixing face colours or foiling.

You can buy the set here:

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