Saturday, November 16, 2013

The LORAC Pro Palette and Tarte Holiday 2013 Blush Palette

I went a little crazy and bought 3 new eye shadow palettes. I got the LORAC Pro Palette, the KVD Spellbinding palette, and the IT Cosmetics Naturally Gorgeous Matte palette (this one won't ship until December so I can't review it now).  I also bought the Tarte Holiday blush palette with three blushes and a bronzer. 

Today I'm going to review the LORAC Pro palette because it is the only one I've used so far. Overall this is a really nice group of clours for creating professional and classic looks. By that I mean you can create many soft, simple, pretty looks that would be appropriate for the office or for everyday if you like a simple look. You can also do a variety of somkey eye looks with this pallet because there are good dark and mid-tone shades. I do get quite a bit of fall out when using the darker colours wet as liners. That was a little surprising because usually eye shadows that can be used wet or dry make a paste when you use them wet, and these don't quite do that.

I did a few looks with this palette and I am wearing the Tarte blushes with each of these looks. In one look I used the Lorac Liquid Luster in Amethyst from the holiday set. I really like the new liquid luster colours and they add a really nice pop of sparkle to all those matte shades in the pro palette!

Here is the Pro Palette

Here is the Tarte Blush palette:

I also used the face pallet from Bare Escentuals with these looks. I really like the concealer that comes in the palette and I love having everything you need for your face in one place. I have it in Fairly Light:

Here are a few looks with the Pro Palette:

All Lorac eye shadow:  
Champagne lash to brow, 
Deep Purple in crease and outer 1/3, 
Mauve in crease, 
Deep Purple as liner, 
Tarte Crave blush, 
Tarte lipsurgence in Elite.

Lorac Pro:
Cream lash to brow, 
Gold lash to crease, 
Lt bronze inner corner, 
Garnet outer 1/3 and into crease, 
Espresso outer corner and wet lined on top, 
Tarte Dazzled blush, 
Buxom New Orleans lips

with Liquid Luster in Amethyst
Lorac Pro: 
Lt Pink lash to brow, 
Mauve lash to crease, 
Taupe in crease, 
Deep Purple wet lined, 
Tarte Dazzled Blush, 
Tarte Perky lipsurgence

White lash to brow, 
Nude inner corner, 
Pewter lash to crease, 
Slate in crease and outer corner, 
Black wet lined on top, 
Tarte dollface blush

Light Pink lash to brow, 
Pewter in crease and outer corner, 
Black wet lined top and bottom, 
Tarte Crave blush, 
Clinique Pretty Poppy lipstick

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