Monday, November 25, 2013

Bare Minerals Glamour Now, November TSV 2013

After reading a few reviews of this kit I decided to get it. I can't say that I was really excited about it but I wanted to try the mascara and the double ended eyeliner. When I saw the eye shadow colours online I thought they looked kind of blah, and my opinion did not improve when I saw them in person and swatched them on my hand. However, when I put them on today I was really impressed. These colours, though subtle, create a really beautiful look! I love how they blend really well into each other. The result is a sophisticated look that would be great for daytime and also nice for a night out. 

I also really like the double ended liner that comes in this kit. It is a black liquid liner on one end and a pencil liner on the other (the pencil glides on really easily). I have tried a few liquid liners and I've had problems with all of them. The Lorac one I tried made my eyes itch and water which led to the eye shadow on my inner corner getting messed up. I also tried the physician's formula marker and it is too stiff, you really have to work hard to get a smooth looking line (so it doesn't really save me any time). But the liquid liner end of this duo does not make my eyes water and it goes on very smoothly and easily. I got a nice smooth line in no time. I think get this kit on A-D just for this liner. I hope they make a purple one!!

The blush and luminizer are both pretty and very wearable. I like that the luminzer is a pinkish nude. 

The Marvelous Moxie lipgloss is very sheer and very glossy. I love the way it makes my lips look. Although it looks very peachy in the tube it is very sheer on your lips. It has a slight peppermint scent and it tingles like a buxom lipgloss--that was surprising to me because I thought the Moxie lipgloss did not have any tingle.

The mascara is just okay. I like the big lashes I ended up with, but I felt I had to work really hard to get them. If you turn the brush you can get really nice separation, but it is also easy to work the brush through your lashes and have them stick together in weird ways and then you have to go back and carefully straiten them out again. 

I didn't try the mineral veil because I already have one open, but I suspect I will like it because the regular brightening pearl MV is one of my faves.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this kit. There are enough really great pieces in the kit for me to keep it and to stay on the A-D plan. 

I followed the directions in the insert for the look.

Celebrate lash to brow, Cheers on outer half, Ball gown inner half, Stilettos in crease and outer corner, liquid liner on top, brown liner on lower lash line, Lash domination mascara.

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