Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brown Smoky Eye Inspired by MUFE

This was my attempt at the brown smoky eye in the ad for the makeup forever smoky palette. I think it turned out okay but I like the green on better. My brown drawer is severly neglected so it was nice to have an idea for a brown look.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance,
50/50 mix well rested/clear radiance all over,
Brave under brow and inner corner,
Starlet Casey lash to crease,
Cognac Diamond lash into crease on outer 2/3ish,
Bark in V,
Big and Bright eye liner in Intense black top and bottom smudged out with cognac diamond,
Falsies Flared mascara.
CHEEKS: Vintage Peach blush
LIPS: Tarte Reduce tinted lip balm

1 comment:

  1. This is a dynamite look! Thanks for sharing - I can't wait to try it!